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Business Planning And Stratergy

Business Planning And Stratergy

Successful development and growth of a business organization entails making right decisions that expand current operations and maximize use of available resources.

Not surprisingly many businesses find themselves without sufficient time or bandwidth to properly plan for the future. Clidio has many years of practical business and strategic planning experience we can bring to help your team build the right foundation and accelerate results.

Our unique business planning process, tailored to the needs of service operations, will involve close collaboration with your executive teams to help clarify and document your strategy, and then build a viable business model and high-impact execution plan to enable the vision.

  • Prepare

    We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we also discuss your expectations and agree on a project timeline and confirm your management team’s commitment.

  • Assess

    To assess your business and its current state, we
    • conduct individual management interviews to gather input
    • share management feedback with you and flag any alignment issues
    • present our assessment of your current state to you and your team
    • plan a strategic planning workshop.

  • Strategize

    We lead a one-day strategic planning workshop with your team during which we work together to define your company’s future state including your vision, mission and values, and to develop a 12-month action plan to make the changes happen.

  • Follow-up

    We provide you with a final report that summarizes your current state, desired future state, and includes a detailed action plan of the strategies to achieve it. We also follow up with you to see how your plan is progressing and to offer advice.